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NLH Constructions: specialists in custom lifestyle solutions.  

Our work is centred firmly on individual, custom designs with architectural finishes.  Our design aesthetic is focused on natural, durable materials and the way that our combinations of timber, concrete, stone, brick and steel enable us to produce individual homes for our clients.  We love the warmth that these materials bring to the home, especially when introducing recycled timber in new environments.  

Our hallmarks are our initiative, flexibility and the integration of older homes into more purposeful spaces to suit the relaxed Queensland lifestyle.  We carefully study architectural trends and developments, offering interpretation of architectural styles to suit our clients’ budgets. 

We’d love to assist you to design and build a home that will inspire you; a home that will change the way you live and, most importantly, a home that reflects the character of those who reside there.   Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

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